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I'm not very good with blogging and posting on social media but I am trying my hardest to support myself with my small business. I truly love the embodiment coaching business. I had been looking for a wonderful way to help women with all the issues, stress, and unhappiness they have. There is so much embodiment coaching can help with. I love being able to coach a client through issues, stress, unhappiness, unfulfillment and show them what their body has to say. Even after one session you will feel so much better. I know money can be an issue but when it comes to yourself and your mental/physical health this is a small price. I really hope that many of you women out there will look into my website and give embodiment coaching a shot. There is nothing super fancy and you don't need to be anything but yourself to get a reward from this. I am just a normal person, who found a passion for energy medicine and embodiment coaching. I really look forward to helping you!! I kindly ask if you are not interested if you could share my post, website, facebook, or Instagram @absoluteflourish. Many blessing and thank you all!!


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