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It begins somewhere.

About a year ago I awoke something that was buried deep inside me. I had been struggling with my mental health again. I was unhappy with my life. I was exhausted from dealing with 10+ years of chronic heath issues and complications. The whole world seemed to be changing and I awoke a deep passion that bloomed from the depths of my soul. I realized I was starting a new journey to renew, rediscover, and really start living my life aligned to my true self and my true soul. I while starting to discovery my true self, I awoke a passion for wanting to help others find their truth, passion, zest for life again as well.

I want to help people who are struggling with all the issues this modern world causes and get back to some more natural ways of healing. The hardest part about journeying and healing your true self is starting the process. I know it is hard to find the place to begin and the right people to help. That's why I have made it my life long mission to help anyone and everyone I can. I plan on sharing more about my trials and lessons on my blog as time goes on.

Please join my website if your interested in learning more. Join if your just curious. Join if you want someone to just be there for support. I have been learning so much not only to help myself to grow and continue to grow but to help you! I truly love this life path and I know I was meant to help teach, support, and heal others.

I offer Reiki sessions, Embodiment coaching sessions, and of course additional healing techniques. My Reiki Sessions are open to all people and are tailored to each individual. My Embodiment Coaching sesions are open to 18+ years and anyone who identifies as female. Please allow me to guide you on your next journey of self.

Regards and love,


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