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A little about me and my passion for helping women.

Hello all you beautiful Ladies out there!! I’ve been thinking of you all, especially these last few months. I’m about to open a handful of complementary chats with women who desire to reconnect with their passions, their intuition, and learn to trust their body more deeply. My work, around Embodiment coaching, is about helping us to move out of our heads, into our body, our hearts, and liberating our full intuition and potential as women. Ever since I was a young woman I have been drawn to the inconsistencies and injustices in the world, in which women are treated differently especially within “Roles,” that are expected of/ from women. I myself have also been a subject of such instances of roles throughout my life so far. As I grow older and continually build my knowledge for embodiment, I feel a passion to make a change even if it is by helping one woman at a time. My desire to help my fellow Sisters take back their Roles and define those roles to what they want them to be. Allowing them to unshackle themselves from the rules that roles place on them, of which many are or can be negative to their sovereignty and can create frozen tension. I will help them to create beautiful liberated lifestyles that allow them to find flow within their bodies and cultivate roles that are true for themselves. I have studied women’s roles throughout history and vario

us cultures as part of my Bachelors Degree in Anthropology and my minor in history and various classes in Sociology. I have much experience myself with roles being placed and expected of me throughout my life. Many of these roles and being able to liberate some of them, have made me into a wonderful and strong woman today with a passion to do embodiment coa

ching. My ability to relate to many situations, and my wonderful ability to listen and truly hear what someone has to say is a great strength. I am also certified Energy Medicine, a practitioner of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Crystal therapy. Just like many other women I too have been subject to many different roles in my life. Some that I hold with love and honor within my true self and body, others that have been forced on me by cultural, religious, and family views/expectations. I have found that many of the roles I have placed on me are not negative or bad but that outside factors, for example, other persons, have made the roles un-pleasurable and restricted for me and my true self to embody. I know that my experiences may differ from other cultures, races, and income classes however the truth is that women are in fact tr

eated differently and many times unfairly in the world, and we all have different injustices to deal with within the roles we are living with.

As a young adult I had to do lots of unfreezing tension and liberating practices to help myself to come to a place of understanding. My business objective will be focusing on helping women to journey into their bodies to find liberation & their own sovereignty. I plan on helping them find their inner voice, release frozen tension, and learn to live in the flow of their bodies. My Signature Coaching Style will deal with a container at this time specifically to “Roles.” The many roles women have to take on whether it be their own free will, expected of them from culture, religion, or family. I plan on helping women to liberate and define their roles as they see fit. To unravel the frozen tension and pressures these roles can play on their bodies and minds. I will help women to define the roles as they wish them to be, help them find their sovereignty and flow within their roles, and eliminate unhealthy roles. I also plan on sprinkling energy medicine in the form of light work, music, and c

rystal healing as per each container. If I have piqued your interest, I would be honored to hold some space & dive into what you want, and what’s holding you back from your desires. One-on-one 60min. Single sessions are available to be booked. If you are interested in my Special one-on-one 2 month Signature Coaching Container, please act fast as there are only a handful of these signature coaching sessions available!! Let me know what you think via email, or you can go right ahead and book a time at my website, or via Facebook or Instagram.I would love to hear from you and work with you and your beautiful self! Love to all! Heather

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